Entertainment Television Channels (ETC), in association with Canis Television & Media will provide broadcast and digital TV services to clients covering a range of services as illustrated below.

We aim to take the technical responsibility from broadcasters and content owners, allowing inhouse creative teams to focus on media planning, content production and content acquisition.

We work with a variety of clients who are launching channels, from training schedulers through to wholesale outsourced channel management.

We have a 15 year history of helping channels - both on interim basis through launch periods or during channel restructuring and in supporting roles for sustained periods of time.

Services available from Entertainment Television Channels (ETC),
in association with Canis Television & Media:

• Connected TV Distribution
• Presentation Scheduling
• Playout automation, including broadcast and IP delivery
• Commercial Airtime Scheduling and data delivery
• Traffice Co-ordination
• Post Transmission Reporting
• Relationship Management
• Compliance
• Digital Services including OTT platform delivery, apps and websites
• eCommerce
• Full Channel Management
• Dynamic Ad Insertion Technology


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