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1. BVOD (Broadcaster VOD)

Broadcaster Video On Demand is an exciting and evolving landscape which offers advertisers a host of premium advertising opportunities around trusted, quality content. It’s an important part of the new TV ecosystem that is helping people to watch more of the TV they love. A video content service delivered by a broadcaster, typically funded by advertising and therefore free to the user, can increase their revenue streams.

2. DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion)

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) is a server-side video ad technology that enables you to serve video ads into live linear programming and video on demand content. Campaign optimisation technology that allows advertisers to dynamically change ads within VOD content, i.e. swap the ad creative shown, making it possible to target specific viewers rather than serving the same ad to each viewer.


By 2023, UK is expected to be the world’s third largest OTT
market with a revenue of $6.8 billion.


Source IAB Connected TV report 2019

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